Sunday, January 26, 2014

Cycle day

"KEEP CALM AND PEDAL TO WORK OUT" was the caption in a man's T-Shirt in Chandragupta Maurya Grounds . I think this was the best caption of the day.

I had never known about this rally until last Monday. My friends and me thought of attending this rally.

We thought of bringing our bicycles and ride till our joy. But none of them came this morning because they were attending the Republic Day celebrations in our school. Our whole plan was a flop show. At least I attended the rally but without a cycle! :P

I did not take my cycle because the poster of the rally said that there were free cycle rentals. My uncle and me we were two of us and went in a bike. Hence, I could not take my 'Hercules Street rider'.We could not find a bicycle for rent  because each and every cycle was taken away for rent. But I took a demo ride on a 'Rockrider' this was a gear cycle and I enjoyed riding it. There were certain games organised and I participated in  some of them .

There were games like: Foot ball, Badminton, Skipping rope contest, Lagori, Street art, Hopscotch, Slow cycling race and many more. I enjoyed participating in all of these. But I had to go back home early because I could not participate in any more contests as I did not have a cycle.


  1. Hi Megha,

    Love reading your blog post....thank you for writing this one...good to know what you felt when you took part!!!

  2. Hi Megha,
    Your enthusiasm is amazing and I hope it never fades. By the way I was one of the few who were wearing the 'KEEP CALM AND PEDAL TO WORK' T-shirts. In fact we are the ones who made them!:D I'm glad you noticed, liked and mentioned us (in you own way ;)). Looking forward to meet you in the next edition of Cycle Day.:)