Saturday, August 21, 2010

At the Wonderla

We went to Wonderla from school on July 30th. We played many games in the bus with our teachers on the way to Wonderla. Suddenly, our bus stopped as one of its tires got punctured. We waited outside the bus till the tire was replaced.
We reached Wonderla very soon afterwards. Our bags were checked at the beginning of the Wonderla - we were scared that our bags would be checked and our food items be taken away. Luckily, there was nothing in the bag except my change clothes. We were told about all the rules and regulations in the Assembly Hall. Once done, we went to the changing room and got into color dresses. 

We went to 'Crazy Wagon', 'Wonder Bamba', 'Cinemagic', 'Dashing Cars', 'Dungeon Rides', 'Caterpillar Rides', 'Techno Jump', 'Jumping Frogs', 'Wave Pool', 'Play Pool', 'Lazy River', 'Disco Dance', 'Twisters'. It was fun playing all the rides there. We had delicious lunch between the games. I purchased key-chains, balloons, balls for myself and my sister and brother.
When it became dark, we started on our way back to school. We played the game 'Antakshari' in the bus. There was a big traffic jam in which we couldnt move forward. We waited for half-hour before reaching our school.
The day was very enjoyable - we are waiting for our next year trip.
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  1. Hi megha,
    I believe I am the first person to visit your site. It was good.

  2. Nice article, Megha. Go ahead and write more such experiences.