Saturday, August 28, 2010

My First Day at Basketball

Billy Lange, Naval Academy men's basketball co...Image via WikipediaLast summer, I wanted to join basketball. There was a coaching class that had started near my house.

My father enrolled me in the class. The coach asked me to bring a 5-size ball and 600 Rs as the admission fees.  The next day I took the money and the ball but the coach had not come.

I saw students playing on the court. I went to them and asked a girl, "When will the coach come"? She told me that he will come soon. Once the coach came, I paid the money he had asked.

The coach asked us to jog for 3 rounds around the basket-ball court and made us to do different exercises. I was thinking that he wouldn't allow us to play with the ball. I asked a girl also about the same. She told me that they will ask us to play after the exercise.

Once we finished our exercises, the coach asked us to start learning how to train-dribble. Thus, we completed our first good day at the basket-ball court.

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  1. Good effort. Keep writing about your experiences.