Sunday, October 24, 2010

My holidays

My first day of holidays was boring because there was no one else to play with - my sister was still going to school whereas my brother had gone to his grandfather's house. It was a Government holiday the next day and it felt better as we played together in a tent.

My aunt came on the weekend and took my sister to Gauribidanur - again, there was no one to play with me. They came back the next day and I left this time with my aunt to Hassan. We reached there late in the night. The next day, I went with my aunt to the school where she teaches English. The school was still open and had exams - my aunt had invigilation duty. I was playing games on their computer and reading books in the library. I stayed there for 3 days only - I had to come back because of a problem with my eyes. I went to the doctor there itself and was given ointments and tablets.

I continued taking them in Bangalore also. After my eyes were fine, I went to my grandmother's house in Tiptur early in the morning and reached there by 8AM. As soon as I reached there, I started playing with my kitchen-set and spent time reading books. I played various games with my friends - hide & seek, snake & ladder, catch-me-if-you-can, etc. I spent 6 days over there and came back to Bangalore.

By then everyone had seen the movie 'Enthiran' - I wanted to see it because it was a super-hit movie. I asked my uncle how was the movie - to which he replied that it was hopeless. We all then went to have lunch at Chung-Wah. I tried out new dishes there like Dumplings, Momos, Chowmeins - it was very delicious. We went to KFC the day before our school started.

Hence, it was a superb vacation for me this time during Dussehra. 
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