Wednesday, May 15, 2013


I used to be a Skype user for long till I saw this video on Youtube about Wechat.

The chat seems to be exciting and I started dreaming as soon as I saw the video. Who will I chat with and why?

Considering that I could talk to five or more people in a WeChat group, I tried to figure out who will be those five first
  1. Harry Potter & his 2 friends (Ronald Weasley and Hermione Granger)
  2. Chris Gayle
  3. PSY
  4. Mahesh Babu
Wow! Is it not a great list of people who will appear on my chat with me? All my favorites in one screen and talking to me!! Wonderful! I will try to 'Look Around' and see if any friends of mine are available. If they are, I will send greeting to them so that they can join also.

What will we chat about? Many things. To start with, we will get into a Video call where I will first request Harry Potter and co. to teach the rest of us how to play Quidditch while Chris Gayle will guide everyone how to hit a six in T20 cricket match. Similarly, PSY will teach everyone how to dance Gangnam Style while Mahesh Babu will show his secrets of fight and dance in Bollywood style. 

I will be listening to all of them after giving them the above instructions and of course, seeing them without missing a single minute. Of course, I will also back up my chat history so that I can revisit those golden moments later also.


  1. I like these little posts of yours more like keeping an electronic diary. Do keep at it. They are simple and fun to read and reminds me so much of my childhood days. Good going

  2. Crisp... but a trifle short. I wish you had gone a wee bit more in detail about why you wanted to chat with the ones you have chosen...

    All the best!

    Arvind Passey

    1. Thanks Arvind. I chose the ones I did because they are my favourites. In sports, cinema, fiction and music.